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UWI Executive Certificate in

             Public Procurement Law:

Critical Trends in Caribbean Procurement

The Cave Hill Faculty of Law is pleased to present its third symposium in public procurement law, on the topic Critical Tends in Caribbean Procurement. This symposium builds upon the knowledge offered in our earlier symposia, but has also been designed as an independent course, for new delegates. 

The symposium is open to all procurement professionals.

The Faculty is delighted to invite Paul Emanuelli, General Counsel of the Procurement Law Office, Canada, to present the course.  Mr  Emanuelli has an extensive track record in public speaking, publishing and training, including in-depth experience teaching across the Caribbean.  He is the Programme Director of the Osgoode Certificate in Public Procurement Law and Practice and is the author of Government Procurement, The Laws of Precision Drafting, Accelerating the Tendering Cycle and the National Tendering Law Update.

This new two-day certificate course Critical Trends in Caribbean Procurement covers the most significant recent developments in government procurement from across the region and provides recommendations on how to implement jurisdictional, institutional and transaction-level good governance practices. Building on the global perspectives covered in the 2013 UWI Certificate in Public Procurement Law and Governance and the 2015 UWI Symposium on Major Procurement Projects, this two-day certificate focuses on how global good governance standards are being applied by leading jurisdictions across the Caribbean.

Drawing on his most recent research, Paul Emanuelli will cover the following topic areas:
  • A survey of the global standards that inform procurement practices within the Caribbean;
  • A summary of the most recent statutory reforms and institutional deployment initiatives that have implemented these international standards within the region;
  • An analysis of how local enforcement mechanisms, including media oversight, audit reviews and legal challenges, are providing checks-and-balances to procurement operations across the Caribbean; and
  • A synthesis of how purchasing institutions and project teams can meet their major procurement challenges within these evolving regulatory frameworks.

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