Study Tips from the Deputy Dean

I extend a warm welcome to all, and especially to you attending The UWI for the first time.   Here are a few suggestions to help you have a successful semester:

1. Check your registration on CHOL so that you know for which courses you are officially registered.  You will NOT be able to sit final exams for courses not on your registration even if you are attending lectures and tutorials for that course.  If there was a registration issue being dealt with by your Department, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is finalized.

2. Amend your timetable to include study time as a scheduled activity.  It is important that you deliberately set aside time to prepare for lectures and tutorials as well as coursework.  I recommend that for each hour spent in the classroom for a course that you do 2 additional hours of study time.  For example, most of your courses have 3 teaching hours; therefore your timetable should have 6 self-study hours for each course.  That means that your timetable should reflect 9 (not just 3)  hours for each course.

3. Maximize the time you have now.  Study each new topic as the topic is completed as though the final exam was next week, rather than wait to the week before or the day before the actual final exam.  That way you give your brain time to expand and accommodate the new material thereby making it available in the future.  By the time finals come around you'll just need to revise rather than learn from scratch.

4. Go to each tutorial session fully prepared.  You should attempt all the assignments/assigned questions before your tutorial class. That way you know what you don't know and can talk to your classmates and tutorial leader about the topics you're having challenges with.

5. Be open to learning.  The most successful students are those who don't underestimate what is required for the courses they're pursuing.  Even though you may have some knowledge of an area, don't have the attitude of "been there, done that"; but rather how can I build on what I've already been exposed to. Take the time to delve in the recommended readings or explore new material that may be useful even if your lecturer hasn't put it on the course outline.

Those are just a few suggestions to set you on your way.  Have a successful year!

Sonia Mahon
Deputy Dean
Faculty of Social Sciences
Telephone: (246) 417-4265/66/68/69 E-mail: