Undergraduate Programmes

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers several undergraduate programmes in which complimentary areas of study are combined to cater to students' varying interests and meet the demands of the ever-changing job market. The Faculty is comprised of three departments through which the majority of the programmes are accommodated. Please click on the departments listed below for programme offerings:

The Department of Economics
The Department of Government, Sociology and Social Work
The Department of Management Studies

There is also the B.Sc. Social Sciences, an interdisciplinary programme offered through the Dean's Office

Programme co-ordinated through the Faculty Office

How to Apply


N.B. For the most recent programme outlines view the Faculty Handbook for the current academic year.



B.Sc. Economics (Special)
B.Sc. Banking and Finance

B.Sc. Economics (Specialization in Development Economics)
B.Sc. Economics (Specialization in International Economics)
B.Sc. Economics (Specialization in Planning and Policy)
B.Sc. Economics (Specialization in Quantitative Economics)

Joint Majors

B.Sc. Economics and Accounting
B.Sc. Economics and Finance
B.Sc. Economics and History
B.Sc. Economics and Law
B.Sc. Economics and Management
B.Sc. Economics and Management (Marketing)
B.Sc. Economics and Mathematics
B.Sc. Economics and Political Science

B.Sc. Economics (Major)


B.Sc. Economics with Accounting
B.Sc. Economics with History
B.Sc. Economics with Law
B.Sc. Economics with Management
B.Sc. Economics with Mathematics
B.Sc. Economics with Political Science
B.Sc. Economics with Public Sector Management

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B.Sc. International Relations
B.Sc. Labour & Employment Relations
B.Sc. Political Science
B.Sc. Psychology
B.Sc. Social Work
B.Sc. Sociology

Joint Majors

B.Sc. Political Science and Economics
B.Sc. Political Science and French
B.Sc. Political Science and History
B.Sc. Political Science and Law
B.Sc. Political Science and Management
B.Sc. Political Science and Philosophy
B.Sc. Political Science and Psychology
B.Sc. Political Science and Spanish
B.Sc. Sociology and Law
B.Sc. Sociology and Political Science
B.Sc. Sociology and Psychology

Major / Minor

B.Sc. International Relations with 1 minor
B.Sc. International Relations with 2 minors
B.Sc. Political Science with Economics
B.Sc. Political Science with French
B.Sc. Political Science with Gender & Development Studies
B.Sc. Political Science with History
B.Sc. Political Science with International Relations
B.Sc. Political Science with Law
B.Sc. Political Science with Management
B.Sc. Political Science with Philosophy
B.Sc. Political Science with Psychology
B.Sc. Political Science with Public Sector Management
B.Sc. Political Science with Sociology
B.Sc. Political Science with Spanish
B.Sc. Political Science with two minors
B.Sc. Psychology with Management
B.Sc. Psychology with Political Science
B.Sc. Psychology with Sociology
B.Sc. Sociology with Criminology
B.Sc. Sociology with Cultural Studies
B.Sc. Sociology with Gender & Development Studies
B.Sc. Sociology with History
B.Sc. Sociology with Law
B.Sc. Sociology with Political Science
B.Sc. Sociology with Psychology

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B.Sc. Accounting
B.Sc. Management
B.Sc. Public Sector Management
B.Sc. Hotel Management
B.Sc. Tourism Management
B.Sc. Sports Science


Joint Majors

B.Sc. Accounting and Finance
B.Sc. Hospitality and Tourism Management


B.Sc. Management (Entrepreneurship)
B.Sc. Management (Finance)
B.Sc. Management (Human Resource Management)
B.Sc. Management (International Business)
B.Sc. Management (Marketing)
B.Sc. Management (Tourism & Hospitality Management)


Major / Minor

B.Sc. Management with French
B.Sc. Management with Psychology
B.Sc. Management with Spanish

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B.Sc. Social Sciences

For further details on all programmes, go to the Faculty Handbook

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