Student Feature

Name:  Kamilah Nakhuda

Age:     18 years old

What programme are you currently pursuing at the U.W.I.?

B.Sc. Management with a Specialization in Human Resource Management

What are your hobbies/interests?

Scuba Diving (I am PADI certified)
Going to the beach
Painting and drawing (I did Art up to CXC level)

New Student Experience
Did you take part in any of the orientation activities (matriculation ceremony, library tour, campus tour, orientation fair, first year experience? If so were they helpful or interesting?

I took the Campus Tour. Unfortunately it was incomplete and we did not get to the Faculty of Social Sciences or the Faculty of Medical Sciences. Luckily I knew where Social Sciences was located because I had interned here.

I also took the Library Tour. It was helpful and I understood how to use the library afterward.

How are you finding campus life in general (classes, getting around and finding places) as well as interactions with staff both academic and otherwise?

The classes are more challenging than those at Barbados Community College (BCC) but I am enjoying it so far.
I use the online map to get around on campus and find classes.
I’ve only interacted with the tutor for the Statistics course but she was helpful and the tutorials in general are informative.

Have you joined or are considering joining any student associations/groups?

I am a member of the Islamic Society
I will definitely be joining more student groups once I'm settled in fully at the university.
What are your career/life goals?
I will probably work with a company for a while but my long-term plan is to help my parents run their business.
You recently worked in the Faculty Office as part of your BCC internship, how was your experience on the other side of the desk?

As a student I thought that when you come into the office things should get done instantly. As an intern behind the desk I realized how much work needed to be done, the high volume of student requests and calls that come in on a daily basis and how many files are in the office.

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