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Managing Editor: S. Mahdi
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Editorial Board:
P. Chaudhuri, E.J. Farrell, L. Henry, S. Mahdi, C. Posthoff, H. Ramkissoon. (ASSOCIATE EDITORS)
O.S. Bishop, D.D. Cowan, R.L. Graham, F. Harary, E.V. Krishnamurty, M. O'Neal, H. Niederreiter, C.R. Rao, R.C. Read, H. Reichgelt, R.L. Rubin, M.P. Schutzenberger, B. Sharma, I.J. Taneja, W.A. Veech. (MEMBERS)
Local Management Committee:
O.S. Bishop, C.C. Cadogan, S. Mahdi.
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