Faculty of Science and Technology
Postgraduate Information
Science graduates may register for the Research Degrees of MPhil. and PhD. under the supervision of a member of the Academic Staff. Research interests in the Faculty are wide-ranging encompassing many areas of the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Electronics, Environmental Studies, Computer Science, Mathematics, Meteorology and Physics. The Faculty’s first MPhil. degree was awarded in 1976 and the first PhD in 1983.
The well-established MSc in Natural Resource and Environmental Management is mounted by the Faculty’s Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES). This is offered in three (3) specialisations:-
  • Tropical Coastal and Marine Resource Management
  • Climate Change
  • Water Resource Management
Hundreds of persons have graduated from this programme with MSc. theses tackling an impressive range of topics.
The Faculty offers a number of taught masters programmes aimed at providing training for graduates in a number of areas, including:

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