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Dare to be Different: Revitalising Mathematics

Topics (chosen are based on the following broad categories)


The love of Mathematics starts at the Nursery and Primary levels. Without a solid foundation, all other future initiatives will not reach their maximum potential.
  • Nursery and Primary Education
  • Students with Special Needs -  also referred to as students with disabilities (including physical and learning)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

There is a rapidly strengthening, STEM momentum throughout the Region as we plan for our future economic development.
  • Nursery and Primary Education
  • Students with Special Needs -  also referred to as students with disabilities (including physical and learning)
  • Secondary Level Education
  • Tertiary Education
  • Vocational Education
  • Research
  • Commercialization

Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

One area of entrepreneurship, with immense potential, is the use of technology, especially software, to enhance the teaching of Mathematics. In fact there is a growing local educational software sector with the potential to expand rapidly.
  • Private tutoring
  • Educational software development
  • Educational technology

Public Engagement

Mathematics is used every day, by everyone, at various levels. For example, the balancing of our cheque books, pouring water in a glass, determining if you can afford that luxury item. In every case, Mathematics plays a role.
  • Public Education on the role of Mathematics
  • Popularization
  • Competitions
  • Forums

Questions for Breakout Groups

The questions below are to be used by the breakout groups to begin the thought processes and to have a meaningful start to their discussions. They are simply guides and each group is free to expand or deviate, as necessary.
All recommendations must include a measurable performance indicator.
These questions are meant to be thought provoking and a guide for the discussion.

1. Ensuring that Nursery and Primary Schools can meet their role of setting the foundation for Mathematics education.

  1. What resources do Nursery and Primary Schools need?
  2. What changes to the human resource structure is needed?
  3. What are two high priority areas for the reform of Mathematics teaching? 
  4. Is there commonality and continuity between the Primary and Secondary Levels, with respect to the assessment of Mathematics? 
  5. Is there a need for specialized teacher training? 
  6. Suggest one out-of-the-box action.

2. Ensuring that the Mathematics needs of STEM and, Vocational and Tertiary level institutions are met.

  1. Are the Mathematics needs of future STEM initiatives being met? What are those needs?
  2. What are two high priority areas for the reform of Mathematics teaching and use? 
  3. Is there commonality between the Secondary and Tertiary levels, with respect to the assessment of Mathematics? 
  4. Is there a need for greater collaboration between the pre and post secondary levels? 
  5. Are the current Mathematics skills of graduates good enough to achieve the desired level of innovation and commercialization?
  6. Is there a need to use an applied approach to the teaching of Mathematics?
  7. Suggest one out-of-the-box action.

3. Using popularization as a mean of educating the public about the important role of Mathematics in the development of the Barbados and the Region.

  1. How can this be achieved in a sustainable manner?
  2. Are career fairs needed?
  3. Are there enough forms of employment for graduates with Mathematics degrees? If no, how do we improve this?
  4. Suggest one out-of-the-box action.

4. Creating an entrepreneurship atmosphere for Mathematics related educational software and technology.

  1. What is needed for companies specializing in educational software for Mathematics in terms of policies and regulations?
  2. Do the current laws facilitate the commercialization of science and technology based research? 
  3. Do the laws of Barbados encourage the use of science and technology research in the private sector? 
  4. Does the educational sector embrace the use of educational technologies?
  5. Suggest one out-of-the-box action.

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