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Your Next Steps

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As soon as possible

All new students
·         Mark your calendar – Semester 1 begins on Sunday August 28th and ends on December 22nd.
·         Join us on Facebook: UWICaveHill and follow us on Twitter: oss_cavehill.  You are invited to all Campus Events.
·         Get your Finances in order and apply for scholarships
·         Visit the Student Services Orientation page and update your calendar with the events.
·         View the Student Calendar.  Download the current events & deadline dates and bookmark the calendar page. Updates are constantly added.
·         Get familiar with the list of handbooks that are relevant to you.
·         If you have any special challenges, physical or otherwise, register with the Student Health Clinic as soon as possible, so that we can make arrangements for when these are needed.
·         Read our Disability Policy and get familiar with the accommodations that we provide for any of our students with physical or other challenges.  Get more information from the Health and Wellness section of this website.

International and Regional Students
·         Finalise your travel information - you should plan to arrive in Barbados between August 21st and August 28th, but of course, you are free to come earlier if you like.  Note that Halls of Residence are not available before August 21st.  
·         If you have been offered a place in a Hall of Residence, pay your deposit by June 24th.
·         Review the checklist for students joining us from abroad.

New Undergraduate Students
If you have been accepted into an Undergraduate programme, the result of your English Language Proficiency Test will be posted as soon as available.  If your results show that you need to take FOUN 0100 Fundamentals of Written English, the fee for this course is an additional BDS $500, which must be paid before registration.

New Postgraduate Students
·         If you have a firm offer, review the conditions and submit all documents requested. 
·         If you have a provisional offer, remember that we will need to be informed as soon as your degree has been conferred.  If you are from a UWI campus, you will not need to submit a new transcript.  If you are from an International University, you must make arrangements to have your completed transcript sent to us as quickly as possible.

August (Note that all links and handbooks will be posted by mid-August)

  • All new students
    ·         Become familiar with the Campus IT Services you will be using :
    •  myUWI student portal account
    •  mycavehill email address
    • Cave Hill On-Line (CHOL) account.

     Read the Student Handbook.  This contains the Undergraduate Regulations.  Postgraduate regulations can be downloaded from the Graduate Studies website.
    ·         Review the Refund Policy and the deadline dates.

  • What to do when
    Friday August 19th Orientation Day 1.
    Sunday August 21st   Halls of Residence move-in day.
    Monday August 22nd Check the Semester 1 Registration schedule and confirm your registration slot.
    Friday August 26th If you did not attend Orientation on August 19th you are to attend today’s session. 
    All new students are invited to the Orientation Fair.
    Sunday August 28th Attend the multi-faith Commencement Service.
    Sunday August 28th Fees should be paid.  Keep your receipt as you will need it to collect your ID card during registration week.
    Monday August 29th - Thursday September 1st All Undergraduate Students are to attend the Dean’s address, the mandatory academic counselling, register on-line for classes and collect ID cards.   
    Tuesday August 30th   All Postgraduate Students in face-to-face programmes are to attend the Orientation session and meet their Programme Coordinators / Academic Advisors.
    Wednesday August 31st If you are a new Science & Technology student, your departmental safety seminars take place today.
    Monday August 29th - Friday September 2nd Attend Freshers’ Week activities.


  • What to do when
    Friday September 2nd New Undergraduate students should sign up for FYE (First Year Experience) programme.
    Friday September 2nd New Undergraduate students are expected to attend the Matriculation Ceremony.
    Monday September 5th Classes start this week.  Double check the timetable for room changes.
    Monday September 5th Check that a personal email address is on file to assist in password reset.  Note that student notices to you will be posted on the Student PortalCHOL Website or sent to you via your mycavehill email address.
    Update your Term Time address in CHOL.
    Monday September 5th
     – Friday September 9th
    Help us to help you - Complete the New Student Survey!  Tell us what went well, and what did not go so well.
    Monday September 12th Tutorials start this week. Double check the timetable for room changes.
    Friday September 16 If you have been accepted into a Postgraduate programme and for some reason cannot take up that place, this is the date by which you must inform the Graduate Studies office in writing of this decision. 

Transition to the Current Students webpage and have a Great Year!

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