Ms. Dale Lynch Ms. Dale Lynch

Dr. Jacqueline Benn Dr. Jacqueline Benn
Psychological Counsellor

Ms. Don-Marie Holder Ms. Don-Marie Holder
Career Counselling Specialist/Internship Coordinator

Mr. Wayne Harewood Mr. Wayne Harewood
Shuttle Service Supervisor

Ms. Robena K. Nicholls Ms. Robena K. Nicholls
Health Plan Administrator

Mrs. Roachell Murray Mrs. Roachell Murray
Programme Assistant

Mrs. Franz Harewood-Hamblin Mrs. Franz Harewood-Hamblin
Programme Assistant

Ms. Katanya Toppin Ms. Katanya Toppin
Student Services Assistant

Ms. Angela Ward CPS Ms. Angela Ward CPS
Stenographer Clerk

Ms. Andrea Cumberbatch Ms. Andrea Cumberbatch
Stenographer Clerk

Mr. Ian Small Mr. Ian Small
Office Assistant


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