With the collaboration of our corporate and social community, the UWI Internship Programme provides students with opportunities to apply classroom instruction within a real-time context.

Moreover, the UWI Internship Programme promotes:

  • The creation of better prepared entry-level professionals and
  • Equipped professionals for the rapid changes in today’s business and professional community.

It is hoped that through these regional and international collaborations students will have increased supervised placement opportunities in:

  • Development agencies, governmental and non-governmental agencies, private sector consulting firms and related organizations
  • areas of their specific career interest and
  • environments where professionals, supervisors and managers provide supervision across a wide range of sectors.

Caribbean Internship Project (CIP)​

The CIP is a graduate internship programme which takes place primarily during the summer.

The CIP:

  • helps to address the need for specialist skills in the social service sector (and NGO organisations) in  the region’s governments
  • strengthens regionalism and
  • assists the learning and marketability of interns
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