The Office of Student Services provides a platform for students to become socially conscious and to give back to their communities-be it on or off campus. Students participate in fun workshops to enhance their community engagement experience. They volunteer at local charities, educational and residential institutions such as the Salvation Army, Primary schools, hospitals, etc.
Overall this programme explores the following areas:
  • One’s purpose in life
  • Civic responsibility
  • Perseverance and Success
  • Resiliency
  • Vision and Fortitude
  • Integrity
  • Service
Registration begins July 17, 2016. Kindly click here to sign-up for the Vision & Fortitude programme. Come let us help you to develop your character and positively impact the community!.

What's involved?
  Conscious Vibrations
The primary aim of these workshops is to provide a forum where students can discuss issues that affect society, build character and promote civic responsibility. The creative arts methods such as music and poetry are used in these sessions to enhance learning.

• Meet new friends
• Discuss social issues

• Learn new fun ways to enhance your character
• Role playing
• Reflection

Learning Outcomes

  Community Outreach
Community Outreach provides service opportunities whereby students learn more about marginalised groups and the various social services agencies actively engaged in serving them..
• Visit non-profit social service organizations
• Learn CPR & First Aid

• Feed the homeless
• Distribute gifts to critically ill children and the elderly
• Use the creative arts to bring hope to vulnerable populations (children and elderly)

Learning Outcomes

  The Creative Minds Project
The Creative Minds school outreach project gives university students the opportunity to engage in a practical learning experience while serving as role models to younger students 5-8 year olds.
Primary School Outreach: Alternate Fridays, 9am – 12pm

• Presenting lessons
• Story-telling

• Leading discussions
• Reciting poetry
• Engage children in singing value based songs

Learning Outcomes

This course introduces students to Braille in order to promote their interaction with the blind and visually impaired community. This interaction also serves to expand participants’ worldview by providing a platform for understanding diversity in the broader context. Students learn Grade 1 Braille for one (1) semester and receive a certificate of participation at the completion of the course.

1 hour Braille classes take place Mon & Weds. 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm (as pre-booked)

• Learn and use a Braille machine
• Braille education to the visually impaired

• Develop basic skills in reading Grade I Braille
• Develop basic skills in typing Braille
• Braille graduation
Learning Outcomes
Volunteer Opportunities
Short and medium term volunteer opportunities offer students the chance to engage in service and develop skills. Kindly click here to sign up for our volunteer programme.

• Engage in meaningful volunteer service on and off campus.
• Connect with professionals and community members for learning and career opportunities.

• Develop and improve interpersonal and employability skills.
• Improve lives
• Strengthen communities

Learning Outcomes

Please check out our schedule below and feel free to contact our Programme Assistant if you have any queries about the Vision and Fortitude programme. Contact details: Email: Phone: 417-4165/417-4010

Schedule - Semester 2 2016-2017
Conscious Vibrations
Location: Seminar Room 2 Sherlock Hall
Community Outreach
Location: Meet at The Office of Student Services
Date & Time Topic Date & Time Outreach
Feb. 2,
12pm - 2pm
Feb. 9,
The Barbados Red Cross Society
Feb. 16,
12pm - 2pm
Unlocking Your Personal Legacy Feb. 23,
11:30am - 2pm
The Salvation Army
Mar. 2,
12pm - 2pm
Influence, Impact & Inspire Mar. 9,
12:15pm - 2pm
The Barbados Council for the Disabled
Mar. 16,
12pm - 2pm
Part Yah Come From?
Cultural Encounters
Mar. 23,
2:40pm - 4pm
Violet Gitten's Ch Home
Mar. 30,
12pm - 2pm
Stroke Your
Self - Confidence
Apr. 6,
2:40pm - 4pm
The Geriatric Hospital
N.B. Outreach locations are subject to confirmation


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