Vision & Fortitude 2017
Are you interested in building your character, learning Braille or giving back to the community? Then, Vision & Fortitude is the programme for you. While exploring your interests meet new people, engage in stimulating discussions, learn new skills and contribute to the betterment of society. Vision & Fortitude is an initiative that facilitates student empowerment while promoting civic responsibility.
We encourage you to get involved today!

Vision & Fortitude begins February 2, 2016 12- 2 p.m. Location: Sherlock Hall Seminar Room 2.
Come and participate in weekly interactive sessions, visit local charities and give back to the community. The Vision & Fortitude programme is a dynamic programme that allows you to build long-lasting relationships with fellow students and professionals, enhance character whilst developing your creative talents. Participation in this programme can assist you in developing the confidence you need to reach personal goals.

Start off your journey by participating in our first workshop: Don't Quit: Overcoming Obstacles. This will be followed by a community outreach visit to The Barbados Red Cross Society the next week.

Please see the schedule below for Semester 2 Vision and Fortitude Programme.

Schedule - Semester 2 2016-2017
Conscious Vibrations
Location: Seminar Room 2 Sherlock Hall
Community Outreach
Location: Meet at The Office of Student Services
Date & Time Topic Date & Time Outreach
Feb. 2,
12pm - 2pm
Don't Quit:
Overcoming Obstacles
Feb. 9,
The Barbados Red Cross Society
Feb. 16,
12pm - 2pm
Unlocking Your Personal Legacy Feb. 23,
11:30am - 2pm
The Salvation Army
Mar. 2,
12pm - 2pm
Influence, Impact & Inspire Mar. 9,
12:15pm - 2pm
The Barbados Council for the Disabled
Mar. 16,
12pm - 2pm
Part Yah Come From?
Cultural Encounters
Mar. 23,
2:40pm 4pm
Violet Gitten's Ch Home
Mar. 30,
12pm - 2pm
Stroke Your
Self - Confidence
Apr. 6,
1:30pm - 3pm
The Geriatric Hospital

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