Records Services: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan

The ARMP is equipped to advise on the disaster preparedness and recovery for University records. The Registry – Records Services has embarked on a Vital Records Protection Programme as part of its Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan. The main objective of this programme is to safeguard the vital records of the University in the event of a disaster.

Vital Records are defined as records needed for the resumption of a business in the event of a disaster. These records may be found in all Offices, Centres, Departments and Units of the Campus.

A Vital Records Protection Team composed of staff of the Registry is conducting a survey of all vital records across the Campus. In the first phase, a survey of the vital records of the Administration of the Campus will be carried out. The second phase will identify vital records of all support services and the third phase will identify those of Faculties, Centres and Units.

The team will be contacting offices to schedule a site visit for assessment of their vital records. An inventory of vital records will be produced and recommendations for their protection will be provided.

Archives and Records Management Programme (ARMP)
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