Programmes: Overview
The Faculty of Law at the Cave Hill campus is the premier Faculty of Law in the Caribbean, one with a rich history and solid tradition of academic excellence.

The Faculty of Law offers an undergraduate programme either Full Time or Part Time (recently introduced) and a postgraduate programme.

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Full Time LL.B.
The Faculty of Law offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The full time undergraduate course leading to the LLB degree (Bachelor of Law) requires full time attendance for three years. The programme is divided into three parts at the University of The West Indies, St Augustine, Mona, The College of the Bahamas and Cave Hill Campuses. The undergraduate programme is offered only to students from countries which contribute to the Faculty.

A student is generally required to complete each part successfully before being allowed to enrol for the Part following. However very limited trailing is permitted into Parts II and III of the programme.
Graduates holding Arts or Social Science degrees from the University of the West Indies or recognized non regional degrees may be considered for Direct Entry to the Part II course at Cave Hill, thereby allowing them the potential to complete the degree in two years.

The academic year for the Faculty of Law is divided into 2 semesters running from September to December, and January to May. There is a mandatory requirement that full time students take 5 courses per semester, each worth 3 credits. Students require a total of 90 credits to be eligible for the award of the degree.
The courses undertaken in the first and second Parts of the full time curriculum are prescribed. During the first year the student is required to undertake two foundation courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences or Humanities and eight compulsory law courses. In Part II, the student is required to pursue ten non optional law courses.

In the final year of the full time degree, the student may choose their own programme of study from the more than 50 courses and seminars that are taught by both full time and adjunct faculty. Students are encouraged to pursue their own ambitions and interests and to undertake advanced work including independent study under supervision of the members of the faculty. The breadth and diversity of the curriculum allows for programmes of study which are tailored to the needs and ambitions of the individual student. Final year students are also given the opportunity to study abroad through the University of Toronto (Canada)/UWI Exchange Program for one semester.
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