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Faculty of Law

Law Society: President's Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Law UWI Cave Hill Campus! It is my honor to stand before you and offer some remarks on this occasion in my role as the 2020/2021 Law Society President.  As we all know and have experienced, the previous school year was interrupted by an unpredictable pandemic that turned the Caribbean and the world over, upside down.
As a society, we were unsure of our futures, our careers and our dreams. Would they still be possible? Ecclesiastics 3:7 say to us “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. A time to keep silence and a time to speak.” I stand here, before you all to assure you, that God gives his strongest soldiers the toughest battles and we will come out triumphant! He does not give us more than we can bear.
Therefore, it is the time to press on and not give up! With that being said, I would firstly like to welcome the returning students and freshmen students to a brand-new academic year of 2020 - 2021, not only to The University of the West Indies, but also a hearty welcome to the Law Faculty.
This academic year is an exciting year, a year that will be memorable, a year using a virtual platform, a year to celebrate 50 years as a faculty and a year of many celebrations. This year we welcome a new Dean of the Law Faculty and three (3) new academic staff members, respectively, Dr. Reid Krell, Dr. Antonius Hippolyte and Mrs. Beatrice Hamilton
This year will be filled with opportunities and collaborations with the Bar Association, the Chief Justice office in Barbados, corporate Barbados and law firms from across the Caribbean region.
 Law family, it is imperative that we work together as a team, collaborating with each other. It is the time to develop creative goals, work towards those goals and accomplish what we have set before us. It is vital, we work hard and toil the soil together to make this year successful, memorable and come out on top. We are the future, so let us keep the lamp oil burning and lead the way for those that come after us.
The following are the Initiatives for the 50th anniversary celebration; new 50th logo, 50th Distinguished Law Lecturers, 50th Sound Bites, Law Week Festival, Legal Insane Year, Cancer Awareness Launch, just to mention a few.
To this end, the novel coronavirus may have changed the world and the normalcy of the campus but it has created change towards technology!
  I thank you all for celebrating a huge milestone for the Faculty of Law as we get ready to celebrate our 50th Anniversary with our theme, “We Love Law”.
Again, on behalf of the Law Society Executive and myself, your 2020/21 Law President, we welcome you!
God’s blessing on the Faculty of Law at UWI CAVE HILL Campus.

#We Love Law
#celebrating 50th anniversary
You’re President!
Quincy D. Jones J.P (Mr)
UWI Cave Hill Law Society
2020- 2021