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Office of Business Development

About Us

" OBD aims to be a primary gateway for the external community seeking to engage and support The UWI, Cave Hill Campus."
Housed on the ground floor of the Cave Hill School of Business and Management Building, The Office of Business Development (OBD) has been established specifically to build partnerships with Government, the corporate and donor community. We act as the campus’ corporate interface with the external community. Our role is to identify and develop funding and income generation opportunities to support the capital and programme development of the Campus. We make it easy for you to achieve your corporate objectives, whether you wish to make a financial gift to The UWI, contract University expertise, or establish a business on campus.

We serve the campus community at Cave Hill by providing a range of services aimed at complementing and supporting the existing income generation activities of Faculties, Departments and Units. Our focus is also to promote entrepreneurship and stimulate business activity in new areas, academic and non-academic.