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Office of Business Development

Applying for Food or other Concessions on Campus

There are very limited opportunities to establish new businesses or to offer indoor and outdoor vending at the University, including vending machines and mobile units. Enquiries about establishing a business, vending or offering a service on campus or partnering with UWI in a commercial venture should be addressed to the Office of Business Development for consideration.
Steps to Securing Permission to Do Business on Campus
  • The vendor completes and submits an online Application Form. Supporting documents may include a letter of expression of interest outlining in greater detail the nature of the proposed business, space requirements and track record of the applicant, along with any photographs or other materials that would assist in assessing the application.  These documents should be submitted by email to
  • The application and proposal are reviewed by the Commercial Purposes Committee which meets once each semester.
  • The vendor is informed of the outcome if the application will be considered further, applicant will be asked to submit additional documents, includng licenses, certificates and photographs.
  • If approved, the vendor submits the necessary documentation (i.e. Health Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Temporary Restaurant License and Third Party Insurance etc.).
  • The vendor signs a copy of the relevant Contractual Agreement and returns it to the OBD. 
  2. All operators must comply with the Rules and Regulations for Using the Campus Grounds for Commercial Purposes. Campus Security Services has the right to request to see the licences of persons operating on the University’s property and to halt operations if the vendor is not appropriately licensed. The Campus Health, Safety and Environmental Officer has the right to inspect operations without prior notice.