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Office of Business Development

Earning Income

Our goal is to assist in the proactive and creative utilisation of the Campus’ physical, intellectual and reputational assets for income generation.  We support Faculties, Departments and other units in their efforts to become more entrepreneurial and to generate income.  We can assist Campus units in:
  • Developing their ideas for new income generating activities and projects
  • Creating outline business plans
  • Identifying funding sources
  • Preparing proposals for funders and potential clients
  • Negotiating contracts and contract finalisation
  • Nurturing your business activity until it can stand on its own

Please contact The Office of Research, Innovation & Community, Cave Hil Campus at 417-4082. If your business idea relates to an invention or other product/service arising from your research activity.  RICCH will assist you with commercialisation of your research and technology transfer.

The Centre for English Language Learning (CELL) – We assisted the Department of Language, Literature and Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities and Education in preparing a proposal to a major enterprise in Venezuela to offer training in English as a Second Language (ESL) to its employees.  We led the process of contract negotiation with this enterprise and other agencies.  We supported the Department in the startup and development of the ESL business operations to ensure client satisfaction.  The Centre for English Language was developed from this initiative and now stands as a major income generator in the Faculty of Humanities and Education -

Aviation students from Panama at The UWI to learn English
Centre for Commercial Analytical Services –  We worked with the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Science and Technology to develop an outline business plan for a proposed Commercial Analytical Laboratory.  This facility would offer competitive analytical services to non-University clients and capitalise on the market in government, business and industry.  It would utilise the range of high quality instrumentation and skilled technical expertise that populate Cave Hill’s laboratories.  We assisted the Faculties in developing and executing a feasibility study for the project.  We commissioned a market research study to examine demand.  We also met with potential clients along with the faculty to better understand their needs.  We developed an outline business plan along with the faculty. This project is awaiting final approval -

Prof Landis with guest at the Opening Ceremony of CCAS

Conversion of the Shell Suite to the Solutions Centre – The Shell Suite was a small under-utilised bed and breakfast facility on Campus.  In 2014, we led the redevelopment of this space into a mini conference facility that now serves the needs of the Campus and external communities for well-outfitted meeting rooms and computer laboratories linked to attractive dining facilities that generates income -