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Office of Business Development

Donor Benefits

The UWI Student Awards Mix & Mingle 2024
  1. You may receive a tax benefit
  2. The funds that you contribute to may be tax deductible in Barbados, the USA, Canada and the UK.
  4. Your contribution will be publicly acknowledged
  5. The image of your company, institution or organisation will be enhanced when your commitment to higher education is acknowledged by the University. You will be listed as a Benefactor of the University in the Annual Report of the Principal and the Benefactors’ Honour Roll, published every three years.  Some donors wish to remain anonymous. If this is your preference, we would be happy to accommodate you.
  7. You will be helping to build intellectual capacity and professional skills in your industry/sector 
  8. Through your scholarship, grant or other resource benefaction, you will be shaping the future of your specific sector by enabling the best minds to conduct advanced study and research in utilising areas of interest in your field. Our students are your future employees and the future leaders of your sector.
You can derive the personal satisfaction
You are making a difference in the life of a student or enabling the discovery of solutions that can transform societies. Your gift reinforces your support for university education and all that it means for societal advancement. 

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