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Office of Business Development

Immediate Needs

  1. The UWI Student Awards Ceremony 2024 - Postgraduate Awardees
  3. Campus Scholarship Appeal

  4. The Campus Scholarship appeal is ongoing to fund undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for our most outstanding students, who are in need. Our aim is to help secure continued access to higher education for deserving students. The scholarships will assist in paying tuition fees and purchasing books, equipment and other living expenses. Make a pledge now.

  5. Adopt-a-Student 
  6. The Adopt-a-Student Fund, run by the Office of Student Services, provides a safety-net that offers students a stipend for prolonged periods over the semester to assist them with their financial costs.  At present, it is financed through monthly donations by UWI staff ranging from $5 monthly to any amount of a person’s choice. The amount is deducted monthly by staff authorisation and submitted to the Bursary.  However, we are now also inviting external contributions on a monthly or one-off basis to expand the number of students we can assist. 

  7. The Fund addresses needs ranging from transportation, meals and personal upkeep for students who would otherwise find it difficult to attend school or meet the social costs of attending school.  The need may arise from indigence, loss of income or generally from persons who simply are unable to afford the expenses of attending school.  At times the Fund provides relief to persons who are impacted by natural disasters, particularly hurricane events or more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.  The profiles of beneficiaries vary, they may come from two or single family households, or they may be married or unmarried adult students.  The stipend is offered on a monthly basis and may be a one-time grant of $200; or a monthly stipend of $200.00 for the entire semester.  This means the allocation to one student can be at least $1000.00 per semester. 

  8. Student Hardship
    The Student Hardship Fund is intended to assist students who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies which would prevent them from continuing their education at the Cave Hill Campus.  

    A full or partial scholarship or bursary
    Full tuition scholarships cover the full cost of tuition and can vary depending on the programme of study and the student’s country of origin. The minimum amount for a partial scholarship is half the tuition fee. A scholarship can also include an additional amount outside of the tuition fee to assist in covering the cost of books, equipment and living expenses. 

    Click here to learn about how to establish a scholarship.