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Office of Business Development

SEED Business Ventures

Here are some of the many exciting projects by students and graduates of the SEED programme. For more information, visit SEED website at or contact SEED via email at or telephone 417-4300 or 424-7731. Like the SEED Facebook page at

OASIS Laboratory 

Oasis Laboratory is the developer and manufacturer of the world's first Sargassum Seaweed Skincare Line. Founded by Barbadian chemists Kemar Codrington and Mikhail Eversley, Oasis is a sustainable, innovative business specialised in producing natural personal care products.

Research Matters

Research Matters is a female-owned and operated research-based consultancy. It provides individuals and organisations with high quality research-based consulting services in areas relating to organisational and social science. Founders are Malissa Cornwell and Marissa Chandler are company founders.

Venture Coconuts

Victor Clarke’s Venture Coconuts seeks to develop an industry from the diversity of the coconut through soil enhancement and water filtration. Their aim is to enhance crop production and improve water quality.

Kerri-Ann Bovell’s EcoMycö is a biomaterials company seeking to renew the way we package by adding value to local marine and agricultural waste as we create Barbados’ first truly biodegradable plastic.
 Blended Cocktailz
Blended Cocktailz is a business operated by partners, Xavier Lisk and Sariyah Sherry that produces a variety of quality alcoholic cocktail mixes that can be drunk at any time or anywhere. They offer the convenience and affordability of sharing a ready-to-drink cocktail with friends or family in any setting.
Grow Smart Youth Farm

Grow Smart Youth Farm is a social enterprise specialising in growing organic vegetables using aquaponics run by Franz Harewood-Hamblin and her husband Troy Hamblin.
Christine Roberts’ Chrisy’s Care

Christine Roberts’ Chrisy’s Care is a child care facility that caters to children with Special Needs.