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Office of Business Development

New Faculty Services and Investment Opportunities

Here are a few of the many exciting projects being developed by members of staff in our Departments and Faculties in collaboration with their Faculty Entrepreneurship Committees.

Professional Writing and Training Unit (PWU)

This new unit, located in the Department of Language, Literature and Linguistics, will be launched in June 2022. The PWU will offer bespoke courses and training in writing and public speaking; technical and professional writing and copyediting; academic copywriting and proofreading; and individualised and customised writing support. These services are specifically targeted for external agencies, including companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as international agencies.

Centre for Commercial Analytical Services (CCAS)
Based in the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences, the CCAS leverages a wealth of expertise, instrumentation and infrastructure to provide advanced analytical and testing services in areas including but not limited to the environment, alternative energy, agriculture, and the food and manufacturing sectors. The CCAS is slated to launch in the last quarter of 2022.

Biogas Generation – A New Green Energy Sector

The Campus’ Renewable Energy programme in the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics has developed the expertise to use local feedstock, including Sargassum seaweed, and waste from the rum industry in a process called “anaerobic digestion” to produce bio-methane gas. The project is seeking to scale up to industrial production of the gas for use in primarily in the transport sector to fuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. This is an exciting investment opportunity for persons seeking to drive the development of a dynamic, new green energy sector.

Diabetes Reversal Clinic and SHIFT Products: A Wellness Opportunity

Our researchers in the Faculty of Medical Sciences have developed a method that has been proven to reverse type-2 diabetes. The faculty is building a new tourism wellness product based on this research targeting a new niche of persons with the disease who would wish to reverse their diabetes during an extended stay in Barbados. The research has also yielded in new product in development – the SHIFT©: SHaping Interests in Food opTions line. This pre-packaged line of meals and drinks for diabetics will be far more nutritious than those currently on the market. With health and wellness on everyone’s mind, these two partnership opportunities should be of great interest to persons in the industry.