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Karl Payne is a Lecturer and Programme Coordinator for the Water Resources Management stream. He holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Water Resources) from the University of South Florida. Karl has over ten years of experience in academia, consulting, and industry, where he has worked in cross-functional teams of scientists and engineers to develop novel algorithms and innovative technologies to address challenges in water resources management.

Karl’s research in physics-based groundwater flow and transport modelling utilizes methods used in applied mathematics, hydrology, and environmental engineering. He has also conducted research that leverages deep learning and computer vision to hydrological and wastewater systems modelling.
• Surface and Groundwater Hydrology
• Hydrometeorological Risks and Water Management
• Water and Wastewater Management
Research interests and achievements Karl's work in computational water resources modelling and environmental engineering has been published in Environmental Engineering Science, Water Research, and Environmental Science & Technology. He has also served as a reviewer for several international water resources focussed journals.

Dr. Payne was awarded the Richard Ian Stessel Memorial Fellowship in Environmental Engineering at the University of South Florida (2015) and was inducted into the University of South Florida Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society (2018) in recognition of his innovative research. Dr. Payne has developed the UWI Cave Hill groundwater model for Barbados, which describes the groundwater flow dynamics for the island and will be leverage for enhanced water resources management under climate change.
Main Research Projects N/A
Notable Publications Aponte-Morales, V. E., Payne, K. A.*, Cunningham, J. A., & Ergas, S. J. Bioregeneration of chabazite during nitrification of centrate from anaerobically digested livestock waste: Experimental and Modeling Studies. Environmental Science & Technology (2018). 

Tong, S., Rodriguez-Gonzalez, L. C., Payne, K. A., Stocks, J. L., Feng, C., & Ergas, S. J. Effect of Pyrite Pretreatment, Particle Size, Dose, and Biomass Concentration on Particulate Pyrite Autotrophic Denitrification of Nitrified Domestic Wastewater. Environmental Engineering Science, (2018). 

Wang, M., Payne, K. A., Tong, S., & Ergas, S. J. (2018). Hybrid algal photosynthesis and ion exchange (HAPIX) process for high ammonium strength wastewater treatment. Water Research, 142, 65-74.

Ray, T, S., Payne, K, A., Moseley, L, L. Role of finite populations in determining evolutionary dynamics, Physical Review E. 77, 021909 (2008)

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Dr. Karl Payne

Lecturer -  Water Resources Management

BSc. Mathematics & Physics (UWI, Cave Hill)
MPhil. Physics (UWI, Cave Hill)
MEng. Civil Engineering (University of Toronto)
Ph.D. Civil Engineering (University of South Florida)

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