About Us: Meet our MPhil Candidate
Caroline Gooding is currently an MPhil candidate at CERMES working with Dr Oxenford in marine biology and fisheries management.
Her research focuses on the biology of queen conch Strombus gigas, specifically age and growth, distribution and movement patterns and the implications on the fishery. She works hand in hand with the government of Barbados - Fisheries Division and with the local fishers.
She completed her BSc in Biology with a specialization in Ecology and a minor in Interdisciplinary Research in Science at Concordia University in Quebec Canada and is a member of Science College, Concordia University.
Her research experience includes paleoenvironment inference (Canada); operational sex ratios in Salmonids (Canada) and allometric relationships between body size and home range in reef fishes (Barbados). She has also worked as a research assistant at the Bellairs Research Institute of Barbados a part of McGill Univeristy (Canada).
Caroline main objective is to help insure sustainable development of Caribbean resources for everyone to enjoy for years to come.
Favorite Quote:
 “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

Caroline Gooding

MPhil Candidate
BSc (Concordia University, Canada)