About US: Meet our PhD Candidate
Mohammad is an advocate for continuous learning who believes that new experiences brings with them new challenges that can only be overcome by greater understanding and dedication.

It is with these words in mind that Mohammad joined the CERMES family in the pursuit of a PhD in  Environmental  Studies  under  the  direction  of  Dr.  Leonard  Nurse.    Mohammad’s research  is focused  on  modeling  the  near  and  medium  effects  of  climate  change  on  coastal  processes  that are the key drivers of beach morphology. The area of study chosen is a continuation of his M.Sc. research which dealt with shoreline evolution of sandy beach shorelines. 

Mohammed  spent  four  (4)  years  at  the  UWI  St.  Augustine campus  before  graduating  in  2010 with a B.Sc. in Geomatic (Engineering) (Upper 2nd Class hons.) and a M.Sc. in Coastal Engineering and Management.

Mohammed returned to Barbados in 2010 and began focusing on his professional development. In  2012,  he  was  recommended  to  the  Minister  of  Housing and  Lands  by  the  Land  Surveyors Board to be granted a professional surveying license. This recommendation came on completion of a one year assignment within the Lands & Surveys Department.

On  receipt  of  his  professional  license,  Mohammad  subsequently  started  a  private  land  and coastal  surveying  firm. In  addition,  Mohammed  has  also  worked  in  varying  capacities  with the Coastal  Zone  Management  Unit  (CZMU)  Barbados  and  the  faculty  of  Civil  and  Environmental Engineering at the University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine campus.

Mohammad Rafik Nagdee

PhD Candidate
BSc (Geomatics, UWI, St. Augustine)
MSc (Coastal Engineering & Management, UWI St. Augustine)

Email: mrnagdee@gmail.com