About Us: Meet our MPhil Candidate
Skylar Miller is currently pursuing a MPhil under the joint supervision of Dr. Hazel Oxenford (CERMES) and Dr. Henri Valles (Department of Biology). She is the recipient of UWI's 50th Anniversary Postgraduate Scholarship for 2013-2014.
With an aim to better understand the early life history of coral reef fishes, Skylar's MPhil research investigates the influence of various spatial and temporal components on post-larval settlement patterns. Her work focuses on documenting variations in species composition and abundance of recently settled fishes at two different locations off Eleuthera island, in The Bahamas both within and across seasons. Additional work will be carried out in Barbados to address reef fish preferences in habitat size at the time of settlement.
Skylar holds a BSc from Oregon State University with a concentration in Marine Science.  Before joining CERMES last Fall, she worked at The Cape Eleuthera Institute in The Bahamas where she managed their Lionfish Research and Education Program, working on projects in collaboration with The Bahamas Department of Marine Resources and the Reef Environmental Education Foundation in Florida.

Skylar Miller

MPhil Candidate
BSc. (Oregon State University)

Email: skylar.miller@mycavehill.uwi.edu