Graduate programmes: MSc in Natural Resource and Environmental Management

The MSc in Natural Resource and Environmental Management is a taught interdisciplinary Programme comprising core courses in the first semester and courses from one of four specialisation streams in the second semester:
  • Tropical Coastal and Marine Resource Management
  • Climate Change
  • Water Resources Management
  • Land Management and Environmental Resilience
Additionally, students have the Non-Specialisation Option which allows them the flexibility to choose courses from across multiple streams. Please refer to the student handbook for more details.

The objective of this Programme is to contribute to sustainable development by training professionals in environmental and natural resource management.

Programme Overview

The Programme provides graduate students with advanced training in techniques, mechanisms and policies for sustainable use and management of natural resources with emphasis on the Caribbean.

The Programme is delivered in a maximum of 14 months. This includes a ten-month period for course delivery and assessment, plus a four month period for the research project and paper. Courses are taught as two to three week modules with assessment in each module (see latest Student Handbook).

This CERMES MSc consists of six core courses, four specialisation streams of four courses each and a research paper. All core courses are worth three credits each. Specialisation courses are worth four credits each. The research paper is worth eight credits. Students must therefore obtain:
  • 37 credits from 11 taught courses
  • 8 credits from one research paper 
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Semester I and II modes of delivery (Online and or Face-to-face) will be decided based on the regional situation and UWI protocols.
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ENVT 6000  Concepts and issues for environmental managers  3
ENVT 6001  Introduction to environmental planning and management*  3
ENVT 6002  Professional skills for environmental managers  3
ENVT 6100  Environmental impact assessment 3
ENVT 6101  Geoinformatics for environmental management 3
ENVT 6102  Resource economics* 3
ENVT 6120  Measurement and analysis in natural resource management 3
 ENVT 6122  Fisheries biology and management 4
 ENVT 6126  Coastal dynamics and management 4
 ENVT 6127  Ecology and management of coral reef ecosystems 4
ENVT 6255  Disaster risk and resilience in caribbean tourism 4
ENVT 6130  Climate dynamics and modelling 4
ENVT 6131  Policy response to climate change 4
ENVT 6133  Climate change impacts: mitigation and adaptation 4
ENVT 6255  Disaster risk and resilience in caribbean tourism  4
ENVT 6220  Water and wastewater management 4
ENVT 6230  Water management and the environment 4
ENVT 6236  Hydro-meteorological risks and water resource management 4
ENVT 6238  Surface and groundwater hydrology 4
ENVT 6235  Soil and water conservation 4
ENVT 6240  Land use and environmental resilience 4
ENVT 6245  Biodiversity and protected area management 4
ENVT 6250  Tools for environmental and food systems analysis 4
ENVT 6900  Research paper (usually July – October) 8
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 Courses are continuously updated. Contact the department for the most current information.