2015 Sargassum Symposium
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Please feel free to watch our video of the first symposium held in 2015.
All featured presentations, the symposium summary and round table discussions are all available for download in PDF format below.

2015 Sargassum Symposium video

Please click here to download the Summary of the 2015 Sargassum symposium. [406KB]

Symposium Presentations - 2015
Presenter - Prof. Hazel Oxenford
Sargassum: Ecological Aspects and Source of Influx

Presenter - Dr. Winston Moore
Harnessing Sargassum Seaweed: A GreenEconomy Opportunity

Presenter - Dr. Bidyut Mohapatra
Potential use of Sargassum species: An overview

Presenter - Mr. Stephen Willoughby
Sargassum and the fishing Industry

Presenter - Mr. Mark Hill
Building a Caribbean Seaweed Industry

Symposium Outputs - 2015: Roundtable Reports
During the Symposium the participants contributed to 7 roundtable discussions on Sargassum research, product development and beach cleaning. The following booklets contain the summary of these discussions.  This information will be compiled into research proposals and other action plans.