2018 Sargassum Symposium
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Presentations - Day 1
Sargassum ecological aspects and source of influx
Presenter - Professor Hazel Oxenford - CERMES

Socio-economic impacts of sargassum on fisheries
Presenter - Mr. Mitchell Lay (Caribbean Network of Fisherfolk Organisation)

Understanding the monster among us
Presenter - Mr. Stephen Willoughby – (Chief Fisheries Officer, Barbados)

Socio-economic impacts of sargassum on tourism
Presenter - Mr. Paul Doyle   (The Crane Resort)

Potential uses of sargassum: a global review (coming soon)
Presenter - Ms. Carla Daniel - FAO

Caribbean Seaweed Industry
Presenter - Mr. Mark Hill (SALISES)

Sargassum impacts in West Africa: Senegal to Nigeria
Presenter - Dr. Kafayat Adetoun Fakoya (Lagos State University)

A sargassum story: A tale of horror and hope(coming soon)
Presenter - Ms. Carla Daniel - FAO

Best practices for responding to a sargassum influx
Presenter - Ms. Emma Doyle (GCFI)

Sargassum outlook bulletin for the Caribbean
Dr. Shelly-Ann Cox (CERMES)

How Caribbean fishers can cope with Sargassum
Presenter - Ms. Richeda Speede (CERMES)

Sargassum as a fertilizer for plants
Presenter - Dr. Francis Lopez (UWI)

Algas Total Plant Tonic (coming soon)
Presenter - Mr. Johanan Dujon (Algas Organics Limited)

Presentations - Day 2
Outlining plans for sargassum management by the public and private sectors as well as by civil society
Presenter - Dr. Patrick McConney (CERMES)

Management Planning for Sargassum- Resilience & Opportunities
Presenter - Mr. Kareem Sabir (CERMES)

UN Environment Programme on the sargassum influx in the Wider Caribbean : Regional survey and SPAW-RAC Sargassum online forum
Presenter - Dr. Sandrine Pivard (UNEP-CEP)