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Information Security Awareness: About

The “Secure Cave Hill” programme is focused on reaching both the staff and student community of the Campus.


The Secure Cave Hill programme is essential to improving the security of data and the efficient use of Campus IT resources.

The objectives of Secure Cave Hill are to:
  • Increase Campus awareness of security policies and their implications
  • Promote good information security practices
  • Enhance methods of protection, detection and defense
  • Assure confidentiality, privacy, integrity and availability of data and systems while not hindering learning, discovery, research or communication


Secure Cave Hill has four components: technology, policies and procedures, remediation and training and awareness.


  • Technology
    Cave Hill will be updating its security architecture to protect against unwanted computing activities such as data leakage, virus propagation and copyright infringements.
  • Policies and Procedures
    Secure Cave Hill seeks to ensure that each member of the Campus community is aware of the policies on Campus and how these policies affect their usage of the Campus network and resources. These policies will change with the ever-changing technologies and any laws pertaining to computer use.
  • Remediation
    Secure Cave Hill seeks to create a culture of security on Campus. This can be done by correcting old behaviours and instilling new mind sets with respect to information security and Campus  (and personal) data.
  • Training and Awareness
    • Secure Cave Hill will involve each member of the Campus community. This website serves as a repository for information and resources on Information Security and issues related to the four components of Secure Cave Hill.
    • Training on security issues will be offered as part of this programme.