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Information Security Awareness: Policies

  • Acceptable Use Policy - Information & Communication Technology
    This policy applies to all users of University information technology resources - this includes contractors and guests. The policy also applies to all resource usage whether on Campus or from remote locations. When using Cave Hill Campus’ information technology resources, users must:
    1. Adhere with all applicable laws; all University and Campus rules and policies and all applicable licenses and contracts
    2. Use only those resources which they are authorised to use and use them only in the manner and to the extent authorised. Accounts, passwords and access to the Campus information technology resources must not be shared under any circumstances.
    3. Never use the Campus’ resources to post, view, print, store or send obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or offensive material except for officially approved or legitimate academic purposes.
    4. Comply with the law with respect to the rights of copyright owners in the use, distribution or reproduction of copyrighted materials.
    5. Read Acceptable Use Policy - Information & Communication Technology (PDF) »
  • Electronic Mail & Messaging Services Policy
    This policy applies to all uses and users of Campus electronic mail facilities.


    Cave Hill Campus provides email facilities for activities and associated administrative functions supporting its mission of learning, discovery and teaching. Campus IT Services is responsible for the creation, management and distribution of Cave Hill campus email accounts.


    When using Cave Hill Campus’ email resources, users can:
    Users of Cave Hill Campus emails should also exercise judgment in sending content that may be deemed confidential.


    When using Cave Hill Campus’ email resources, users cannot:
    • Send both personal and work-related emails.
      Retain personal emails (preferably in a separate folder to work-related emails)
    • Send offensive, harassing or discriminatory emails
    • Give the impression that they are representing, giving opinions or making statements on behalf of the University
    • Besmirch the image and reputation of the Campus or any of its affiliates