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Services: Computer Labs

Campus IT Services is responsible for managing six general purpose microcomputer labs all with Internet Access.
These labs have 24 hour accessibility every day.  Students from any Faculty, Department or Unit are welcome to use the labs when they are not being used for scheduled classes. Please note that entry into any lab denotes acceptance of the guidelines governing the use of ALL Campus IT Services facilities. 

Lab Locations

MicroLabs Seating

COVID Capacity

(3 ft distance)

Lab 1 30 15 Campus IT Services Building
Lab 2
25 - 2nd Floor, Faculty of Science & Technology
Lab 4 46 22 New Chemistry Building
Lab 5 40 20 Roy Marshall Teaching Complex
Lab 6 42 28 1st Floor, Sagicor Building
Post Grad Lab 13   Graduate Studies Building, Lazaretto


Additional Information

All Labs are opened 24 hours a day and every day of the week during Semesters I and II.  However, some labs are closed during semester breaks.