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The Microsoft 365 (M365) platform provides a variety of enhanced, web-based application services to all students. You can access these services on-campus and off-campus at any time, 24 hours a day!
The services on the platform permit students to send & receive emails, store and share documents online and collaborate in real-time with others. These services are perfect for facilitating individual school assignments, group projects and the activities of student clubs and societies.
Some of the main services are described below.

Getting Started:
If you are logging into MyCaveHill Mail or M365 for the first time…
Your username & Email Address is:
Your Password is: FL@ddmmyy *1
*1 F is the initial of your first name, L is the initial of your last name and ddmmyy is your date of birth in numbers. 

  • Access to email via Outlook on the Web or the Outlook app on your mobile devices or Laptop.
  • 50 GB mailbox size.
  • 30 MB message size limit including attachments.

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