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The CLR James Cricket Research Centre has many resources for students to use. Our aim is to help patrons to use the collection efficiently to achieve the best research results. Click on the link that is of interest to you. 



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Special Collections

Cricket Clothing Collection

The CLR James Cricket Research Centre houses a collection of artifacts, neck ties, hats and items of cricket uniforms, donated by Mr. Henderson Springer, a former Barbados cricketer and West Indies cricket coach.  This collection of artifacts includes items not only from the West Indies but also from cricketing nations all over the world that have contested against the West Indies.

Artifacts are significant resources in research that focuses on the social history of a society. Cricket plays an important role in the lives of West Indian people and material culture related to the sport can offer valuable evidence for the interpretation of cricket culture.

Material culture or artifacts, are primary sources of information, where the researcher interprets the past and present human activity through existing physical evidence.  The evidence is “less biased in that they survived not as transcriptions, or translations or condensations of events but often as the event themselves” (Thomas J. Schlereth). The researcher is left to interpret the evidence for himself of herself using the senses.

This collection of cricket clothing can be used as a resource in a research paper as you would a diary, manuscript, letter or newspaper and should not be overlooked when conducting research.  By adding such artifacts, the research paper provides a more complete history of cricket. Without artifacts or material culture, our understanding of people and their activities is incomplete.

Rare Books

The CLR James Cricket Research Centre houses a collection of cricket Rare Books dating as early as 1860.  A Rare Book is a book which has an enhanced value because the demand for the book exceeds the supply. A book is of little or no value if no one wants to read it.

The Rare Book collection represents the most valuable items in the collection and traces the history and development of cricket in the British West Indies.  This collection is designed to enhance teaching, learning and research at the Cave Hill Campus.

If you need to access an item from the Rare Book collection, please give us at least twenty-four hours’ notice. This is to allow staff to assess the condition of the item and check its suitability for use (handling) providing there is no surrogate. 

Score Cards

The CLR James Cricket Research Centre holds a collection of Test cricket scorecards dating from 1928-2000. The West Indies team acquired First Class recognition and international status in 1928 and played their first Test match against England at Lord’s cricket ground in England.  A scorecard is referred to as ephemera (items manufactured for a specific) and is a very important primary resource when investigating the history and development of West Indies cricket. The scorecard gives historical evidence - dates of matches, the cricket grounds involved, cricket players, runs scored, mode of dismissal and brief commentary of the particular match.

Newspapers Clippings Collection

The CLR James Cricket Research Centre houses a collection of cricket newspaper articles dating, 1980 to present.  This collection offers valuable information on the political, social, cultural and economic aspects of Barbados and West Indies cricket. The clippings collection contains editorials, features, photographs, front pages and full page features as well as social commentary of ordinary people who lend their voices to issues confronting Barbados and West Indies cricket. 

A newspaper clippings collection is a valuable historical resource which should not be overlooked by researchers.  The newspaper not only records the event or activity but also preserves the socio-cultural attitudes and biases in their historical context. It is an indispensable resource for researchers as it gives information that is not found in books.  Newspaper articles are very often the only source of information on a particular subject.

Newspaper articles are primary sources of information which gives a firsthand account of an event. They can also be used as a secondary source because they contain retrospective articles about events. 


British Journal of Sports Medicine

The British Journal of Sports Medicine is a twice monthly peer-reviewed medical journey covering sports science and sports medicine including sport physiotherapy.

The CLR James Cricket Research Centre holds this journal from 2011-2013.

International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing

This journal also publishes Open Access articles

IJSMM, a fully-refereed international journal, aims to present current practice and research in the area of sport management and marketing. IJSMM is a unique publication useful for everyone interested in the new developments in sport management and marketing theory and practices.

The CLR James Cricket Research Centre holds the International Journal of Sports Management and Marketing from 2009 to 2015.

Sport in Society

Sport in Society publishes research on key issues in professional and recreational sport, exercise, lifestyle and alternative sport and coaching in a social context. 

The CLR James Cricket Research Centre holds the print version of this journal from June 2010 to January 2020.



Sport in Society (Available online, from) Click the link below for access
Journal URL:

100 Years of West Indies Cricket 1860-1960
A Select Annotated Bibliography

Cricket in the West Indies has had a long and eventful history dating back to the 1860s when cricket became organized and was played by the colonial administrators, the plantation owners, educators and the military defending the islands.  However, a primitive form of the game had been played on the inlands during the era of slavery by the colonisers and the military as a form recreation.
This select annotated bibliography entitled, A Bibliography of West Indies Cricket 1860-1960 is a list of cricket items which formed part of the collection at the CLR James Cricket Research Centre.   The bibliography offers a wide range of material from its early beginnings during the late nineteenth century, including inter-colonial cricket, the victory at Lords cricket ground over England in 1950, leading up to the Independence era of the 1960s.  This work is by no means an exhaustive selection, but a useful index of related text to guide researchers and to broaden their scope when researching West Indies cricket history.  The bibliography includes published books, book chapters, brochures and pamphlets.
Cover Photos: (Top) Frank Worrell (Bottom) The West Indies Cricket Team in England 1933

View Annotated Bibliography West Indies Cricket 1860-1960 [PDF] »


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