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The Embassy of India presents a Film Festival of the Films of Satyajeet Ray
The Embassy of India, Paramaribo is pleased to inform that as part of Birth Centenary Celebrations of SATYAJIT RAY, the legendary filmmaker, a Film Festival of the films of Satyajeet Ray is being organized by the Films Division, Government of India from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th May 2021.

The list of the films are given below and can be viewed on the link

Title of films:
1. Rabindranath Tagore (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Films Division)
2. Inner Eye (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Films Division)
3. Creative Artists of India: Satyajit Ray (Dir: B.D.Garga, Pro: Films Division)
4. Satyajit Ray (Dir: Shyam Benegal, Pro: Films Division)
5. Bala (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: NCPA)
6. Ray (Dir: Goutam Ghose, Pro: Govt. of West Bengal)
7. Sukumar Ray (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Govt. of West Bengal)
8. Sadgati (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Doordarshan) tele-film
9. Two (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: Esso World Theatre / Ray Society)
10. Pikoo (Dir: Satyajit Ray, Pro: French Television / Ray Society)
11. Feluda – 50 years of Ray Detective (Dir & Pro: Saignik Chatterjee)