Undergraduate Programmes

Majors Offered:

Students entering the Faculty must select from one of the following Majors. A Major is the student's principal area of study.

Bachelor of Arts:

Double Majors:

Major/Minor Options:

See below for Minor Options available in the BA Programme.

Bachelor of Education


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Minor Options (BA Programme):

Students in the Bachelor of Arts Programme also have the option of adding a Minor to their Major.  Minors are Optional.  Minors offered within the Faculty are as follows:
Minors offered Out of Faculty:

Minors may also be chosen from outside the Faculty in pre-approved areas:

Faculty of Law - Law (restricted registration)

Faculty of Science and Technology - Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Information Technology; Mathematics

Faculty of Social Sciences - Accounting; Economics; Management; Political Science; Public Sector Management; Sociology (Please note that access to Minors in FSS is very limited in some disciplines)

Students pursuing an Out of Faculty Minor in one of the above are advised to refer all enquiries pertaining to their Minor to the relevant Faculty. Students are also advised to use the electives available at each level within their programme to satisfy the requirements of their chosen Minor.

How to Add a Minor or Change your Major

Students who wish to change their Major or add a Minor to their Programme, must complete the Change of Option form and submit it at the Faculty office during semester II only.  Students must have completed at least 6 courses before formally adding the Minor to their programme.  The deadline for application is the end of the first week in September.  The change will not take effect until the beginning of the academic year.  Changes cannot be made mid-year.

Please note that new entrants are not permitted to make any changes to their area of study.


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