Faculty Regulations Concerning Undergraduate Degrees

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  • Exemptions in case of illness
  • Medical Certificates
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  • Aegrotat Degree
Guidelines for submission of Coursework


Students should familiarise themselves with the current Examination Regulations as stated in the UWI Examination Regulations for First Degrees, Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates booklet.

1. A course may be examined by one or more of the following: written examination, oral tests, coursework, or any other method or combination of methods approved by Senate.

2. In some cases, an examination consisting of one written paper is held at the end of the semester. In others, there is a coursework component. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that coursework is submitted by the required date. Students who fail to meet this requirement will receive no marks.

[Note: Students reading History courses should note that those who do not pass at least one of the questions in the final examination will be deemed to have failed the course. Students reading courses in Literatures in English should note that they must pass each component (i.e. coursework and final examination) in order to qualify for a pass overall.]

3. A student failing a course that is not compulsory may substitute another course in a subsequent semester or may repeat the failed course.

4. In order for a student’s registration to be deemed completed, his/her financial obligations to the University must have been fulfilled.

5. Registration for a course constitutes registration for the examinations in that course.

6. A student who has registered for a course but who wishes to withdraw from that course must de-register online (via CHOL) not later than the Friday of the second teaching week of the semester (see the Academic Calendar on p. 1 for deadline dates).

7. A student who does not sit the examination in a course for which he or she is registered is deemed to have failed that examination, unless permission to withdraw has been granted by the Dean. This regulation shall not apply in cases of properly attested illness duly reported to the Campus Registrar in accordance with the University Examination Regulations.

8. Students may seek permission to register to write examinations without attending classes in not more than four courses in which examinations had been taken and failed. This permission must be granted by Academic Board on the recommendation of Faculty Board which shall require consultation with the Department concerned.

9. Examination Regulation Section 2:18 (2011-2012 booklet) states that:
“Any candidate who has been absent from the University for a prolonged period during the teaching of a particular course for any reason other than illness, or whose attendance at prescribed lectures, classes, practical classes, tutorials or clinical instructions has been unsatisfactory, or who has failed to submit essays or other exercises set by his teachers may be debarred by the relevant Academic Board, on the recommendation of the relevant Faculty Board, from taking any University examinations.”
Note: Debarment from the examination in a course will be recommended by the Faculty based on information supplied by the relevant Head of Department on unsatisfactory attendance. Students should note that attendance at tutorials is prescribed.
10. Notification of Results and Calculation of Honours/Class of Degree
(a) A Pass List for the BA degree shall be published each semester.
(b) The class of degree depends on the Cumulative Grade Point Average a student has accumulated in the 54 credits (18 courses) required for Honours obtained in Level II and III courses.
11. Supplemental Examinations:

(a) The Board of Examiners may recommend to the Department concerned that a student who has failed the last and only course required to complete the degree be offered an oral or written supplemental examination in that course, provided that he/she has obtained at least 45% in the course. This also applies where the course failed was taken in Semester I and not repeated in Semester II.

(b) If a supplemental is granted, the student may choose to decline the offer.

(c) The supplemental, which will be a minimum length of one hour, will be held as soon as possible after the previous examination. The student must contact the Department concerned immediately on being notified by Examinations Section, so that arrangements may be made for the supplemental.

(d) The supplemental examination will concern the course as a whole, and will not be restricted to the questions set in the examination which the student failed.

(e) If the supplemental is passed, the student cannot be awarded a grade higher than C, and this grade will replace that previously gained for the entire evaluation in that course.

(f) If he/she fails the supplemental, the student will not have the right of appeal or review.

(g) A student will be allowed only one Supplemental Examination for any one course.
Exemptions Granted in Cases of Illness

12. A candidate who has been absent through illness for one or more examinations held in respect of Level II or Level III courses may apply for exemption from these examinations provided that:

(a) no exemption shall be granted in respect of any course unless the candidate has successfully completed all the required work for the course and has achieved, in the opinion of his tutor(s) and of the Department, a satisfactory level of performance in the course;
(b) no exemption shall be granted unless the candidate has obtained the minimum 30 Level I credits and at least twelve Level II credits;
(c) no exemption shall be granted in respect of any dissertation or project;
(d) the total number of credits for which exemption may be granted shall not exceed eighteen, except that where a student has satisfactorily completed both the Level I and Level II programmes, exemption may be granted from a total of twenty-four credits. Such exemption shall permit the student, on completion of all the other requirements for the degree of BA, to apply for an Aegrotat degree.
Medical Certificates

13. Students who submit certificates as an excuse for absence from examinations are asked to note that although the student is free to visit his/her private physician, he/she is required, for the purpose of securing exemption from examinations, to comply with the following:

(a) to be examined by a practitioner from the University’s panel of doctors; or
(b) in the event of illness being so acute that the student cannot subscribe to (a), he/she should obtain a certificate from his/her private physician and in addition the physician should be required to supply the University with the reasons for the student’s absence from the examinations, and;
(c) to ensure that the report is submitted to the University Medical Officer.
NB: Medical certificates should be submitted to the Student Health Centre, and students should indicate the course(s) covered by the certificate.

Regulations for Leave of Absence

2 (a) Application
A student who for good reason wishes to absent herself/ himself from the degree programme must apply to the Faculty Board of the candidate’s Campus through the Dean, for formal leave of absence stating the reasons for the application. The length of such leave of absence, if granted, will be subject to approval by the Academic Board of the Campus concerned, but will not normally exceed one academic year in the first instance, terminating at the end of the academic year for which the application is approved.

(b) Time Limits
During a student’s undergraduate career, leave of absence may be granted for one semester or for an academic year, up to a maximum of two academic years. Leave of absence, however, will not be granted for more than two consecutive years. A student requiring more leave after the maximum has been reached will be required to withdraw from the University and reapply at a later date.

(c) Deadlines
Applications for leave of absence for a semester shall normally be submitted by the end of the third week of the relevant semester. Applications for leave of absence for the academic year shall normally be submitted by the end of the third week of Semester I (see the Academic Calendar on p. 1 for deadline dates).
Aegrotat Degree

15. A student who has obtained at least three-quarters of the credits required for a Bachelor’s Degree, but has been unable through illness to complete the programme may apply under the University Regulations for the award of an Aegrotat Degree.

16. An Aegrotat Degree will not be awarded unless the Board of Examiners considers that, in the courses which he/she has completed, the student has reached a standard which, if also reached in the remainder of the programme, would have qualified him/her for the award of a Degree.

17. An Aegrotat Degree will be awarded without class.

18. Holders of an Aegrotat Degree are not permitted to re-enter for the same Degree programme but may proceed to a second or higher degree, on complying with the Regulations for such Degree.


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