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Faculty of Medical Sciences

Graduate Programmes: Public Health


MPhil/PHD in Public Health


Public Health is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society. Public health draws on a broad range of disciplines and as such the research needed to inform, guide and evaluate public health measures is broad, including both qualitative and quantitative methods. The overall aim of this programme is to support the further development of leadership in Public Health research within the Caribbean and wider region. The MPhil/PhD programme has been designed to provide advanced training in Public Health Research methods and contribute new knowledge to help guide Public Health interventions within the region.



The minimum period of full time study for an MPhil degree is 2 years with up to an additional one year to write up, and for a PhD degree is 3 years with up to an additional 2 years to write up. Part time options are also available. Although the main body of work for this degree is new research, students must also complete taught credits (6 for the MPhil degree, and 9 for the PhD). These requirements are designed to ensure that the candidate has good technical competencies in a breadth of methodologies relevant to public health research. Candidates are required to complete the following courses (if they have not done so prior to admission): epidemiology basic and advanced, biostatistics, quantitative and qualitative research methods. Candidates who have already completed these courses can use their taught credit requirements to take other courses that are relevant to their PhD topic.



The entry requirements to this programme are a Masters degree in a relevant health related area, ideally an MPH, completed within the previous 5 years. The Masters degree must have included a research project in which the applicant obtained a B plus average, and have included courses in at least one of: quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods, biostatistics, basic epidemiology, advanced epidemiology, in which they also obtained a B plus average. All candidates will initially register for the MPhil degree, and those who wish to progress to a PhD will be allowed to do so on evidence of satisfactory progress, which includes assessment at an upgrade seminar.

For more information on the programme, please contact the programme coordinator, Dr. Natalie Greaves
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