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Faculty of Medical Sciences

Research In Progress

REno Vascular function Ethnicity Renin Endothelial Dysfunction – Barbados Observational Study (REVERED-BOS)
The project examines Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System (RAAS) biomarkers and their effect on arterial function and cardiovascular risk in an Afro-Caribbean Population. It also investigates the possible link between salt sensitivity, diet and RAAS activation which may account for the high prevalence of cardiovascular disease in the region. Investigators: Damian Cohall and Carlos Ferrario

Drug – Herb Interaction: Database of Medicinal Plants of the Caribbean and Possible Interactions with Conventional Medication
The aim of this project is to identify medicinal plants used to treat common ailments observed in the Caribbean.  A database of these plants will be created outlining their taxonomy, folklore uses, bioactive compounds, documented or possible drug-herb interactions and toxicity using cheminformatics and in vitro/in vivo testing methods. Investigators: Damian Cohall, Curtis Gittens & Danladi Husaini

Factors Affecting Academic Performance of First Year Medical Students 
This project entails coordinated studies are investigating the factors, inclusive of matriculation, attendance and assessment strategies, which impact academic performance of students in the first year of medical school.
Investigators: Damian Cohall, Ashlia Lovell, Peter Chami and Desiree Skeete

Barbadian Medicinal Plants: Development of College Land, St. John into a Health and Wellness Tourism Destination
This project seeks to establish a collaborative team between UWI and Codrington College to archive, preserve and cultivate medicinal plants historically and currently used to treat ailments in Barbados. 2) To develop value added products for social inclusion, establishment of medicinal agro-parks and tourism heritage landmarks to assist in community development in College Land, St. John, Barbados. Investigators: Damian Cohall and Reverend Michael Clarke

Audit of Analgesic Medication Use in the In-patient and Out-patient setting of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital
To determine the consumption of analgesic medication in the in-patient and out-patient settings of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital over the period 2011 - 2016. 2) To determine the knowledge, attitudes and practices of physicians to prescribing analgesic medication at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Investigators: Damian Cohall, Naomi Whittaker, Peter Chami, Simone Antrobus, Joshua Webster and Nathan Gibson

Correlation of aerobic power of footballers and distance covered during practice and/or real match play by GPS (in collaboration with Dept. of Sports Science, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Belur Math, Howrah, India). Investigator: Subir Gupta

Factors affecting chronic diabetic wound healing
(Collaborative research work with the department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, University of Miami)
Start date: January 2016. Investigator: Nkemcho Ojeh

Investigating the cellular mechanisms of keloid and hypertrophic scar formation in the Barbadian population
Start date: May 2009
Investigator: Nkemcho Ojeh

Implications of innovations on anatomy teaching in resource poor settings
The study looks at the importance of anatomy in clinical education. What are reasons for a decline in anatomy teaching? Why Anatomy is in crisis? Is anatomy essential for safe medical practice? What are the results of poor anatomy knowledge among doctors and surgeons? The Integration of modern technology and newer teaching modalities and its implications on undergraduate and post- graduate specialist teaching  
Start date: 2017 Investigators: Singh Keerti, Gaur U, Ojeh N, Majumder A

A review of Anatomy teaching and curriculum from the beginning till date at UWI Cavehill The study will look at the modifications and changes in the teaching of anatomy from the beginning of mbbs course at UWI cavehill. It is a detailed study on how we have evolved in anatomy teaching with time depending on the unique requirements and changing circumstances. It also includes a detailed curriculum review.
Start date: 2016 Investigators: Singh Keerti, Majumder A

Peer tutoring and fun learning strategy in anatomy teaching: is it effective?
(IRB approved)
This research is aimed at assessing the role of peer teaching in learning gross anatomy, wherein the students take the role of the teacher as well as the learner. We will be surveying the performance of the students in the lower limb spotter exam held in semester 1, 2016-2017. The questions given in the spotter exam were developed based on the various presentations made by the year 1 MBBS students on the lower limb muscles. The scores for each spotter question will be correlated to the method of muscle presentation, to assess and establish the most effective mode of presentation for better understanding and retention of facts in learning gross anatomy by the year 1 MBBS students. Investigators: Singh Keerti, Adams O.P, Majumder A
Start date: 2016

Study on the effectiveness of ICT teaching in embryology and histology amongst first year medical students at UWI, Cave Hill and Mona
The study will help us determine the effectiveness of intercampus synchronized teaching in embryology and histology amongst first year medical students at UWI, Cave Hill and Mona. The aim is to assess student performance using a blended mode of teaching. It will also help us determine the long term and short-term benefits of multimedia learning approaches in Anatomy. And thereby facilitate in developing a synchronized shared web based module between UWI campuses, which is cost-effective as well as manpower and time saving. Investigators: Singh Keerti, Majumder A, Branday J, Adams O.P.
Start date: 2016

A retrospective study of congenital malformation among the Barbadian newborn babies – incidence, variety and trends – a clinical audit
The prevalence of congenital malformations varies from place to place. The objective of this study is to document the prevalence, pattern, contribution to perinatal mortality and outcome in babies with obvious congenital malformations. A retrospective review of obvious major congenital malformations in neonates delivered at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the past ten years will be carried out. Data will be retrieved from the case files of the neonates. Investigators: Singh Keerti, Greaves C, Kumar A
Start date: 2013 - 2016

The Hemophilia Project continues and there is application for medical twinning between the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with the Toronto Hospital for Sick children and St. Michael’s Hospital; both in Canada.
Investigator: Cherly Alexis
Treatment of children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is a clinical trial funded by American Society of Hematologists (ASH). Investigator: Cherly Alexis
To start in January 2018

Prevalence of Depression and Suicide among Barbadian Adolescents. As part of the Barbados Children’s Health and Nutrition Study (BCHNS).
Investigator: Pamela Gaskin 
  • Consequences of chronic cannabis use  
Co-PI with D. D’Souza (Yale) and M.H. Campbell (UWI)
Investigator: Maisha Emanuel
Clinical Audit of Dengue cases among children hospitalized to the QEH.
To compare the clinical and the laboratory findings in children with and without Dengue, with the objective of demonstrating their utility in the early detection and predicting severe form of dengue among children. InvestigatorsDr. Alok Kumar, Dr. S Birch, Dr. K Krishnamurthy. Start date: 2015 - ongoing


Diarrheal diseases among children in Barbados – clinical and epidemiological study
  • To compare the clinical findings and the laboratory findings in children who were admitted with Acute Gastro-enteritis with the objective of demonstrating their utility in the early detection of AGE of likely etiology.
2017- ongoing
Investigators: Dr. Alok Kumar, Dr. K Morris, Dr. K Krishnamurthy.

Epidemiology of Dengue in Barbabdos
  • The aim is to study the epidemiology of Dengue in Barbados and how it differs from those of the south-east Asia.

2017 - ongoing
Investigators: Dr. Alok Kumar, Dr. Marquita Gittens, Dr. K Krishnamurthy.


  • A study to determine general public knowledge about congenital malformation.

  • ​Determination of Physiology and Anthropometric Profile of Elite Barbadian male Segway Polo Players and Evaluation  of Cardio respiratory and Metabolic stress During Friendly and competitive Segway Polo Match Play.

  • Evaluation and validation of perfect wellness check program.

  • Academic Assessments methods to work out an effective and accurate method of evaluation.

  •  A Comparative study of ‘Modes of academic performances’ in various Medical Institutes.

Investigator: Uma Gaur

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