Research and Publications: Working Papers
Disclaimer: The views expressed in the working papers are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the University of the West Indies


1.  2017-1 Allan Wright, Kari Grenade and Ankie Scott-Joseph
     "Fiscal Rules: Towards a New Paradigm for Fiscal Sustainability in Small States"
     [Download PDF File]


1.  2016-1 Troy Lorde and Antonio Alleyne

     "Estimating the Trade and Revenue Impacts of the European Union-CARIFORUM Economic Partnership
       Agreement: A Case Study of Barbados"
      [Download PDF File]

2.  2016-2 Nlandu Maminigi and Nikita Bishop

     "Public Expenditure Determinants: A Case Study of Barbados, 1980-2013"
      [Download PDF File]

3.  2016-3 Clyde Mascoll

     "Estimating Fiscal Stability for Barbados and Jamaica: 1973 - 2010"
      [Download PDF File]


1.  2015-1 Nlandu Mamingi

     "Beauty and Ugliness of Aggregation over Time/Temporal Aggregation"
     [Download PDF File]

2.  2015-2 Winston Moore, Jamilia Beckles and DeLisle Worrell

     "Size, Structure and Devaluation"
      [Download PDF File]

3.  2015-3 Nlandu Mamingi

     "Reexamining Wagner's Law with Caribbean Countries"
      [Download PDF File]

4.  2015-4 J R Mandle

     "Responding to the Crisis:  Toward a more Modern Barbados"
     [Download PDF File]

5.  2015-5 Anthony Wood and Dalano DaSouza

     "Privatization of the National Commercial Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines: An      
       Empirical Analysis using the TARCSIMEL Framework"
     [Download PDF File]

6.  2015-6 Winston Moore* and Jeremy Stephen

     "Should Cryptocurrencies be included in the Portfolio of International Reserves held by Central
     [Download PDF File]


1.  2014-1 Nlandu Mamingi and Patrice Borda

     "On the Persistence of Unemployment in Small Open Economies"
     [Download PDF File]


1.  2009-2 Winston Moore

     "The Impact of Climate Change on Caribbean Tourism Demand "
      [Download PDF File]

2.  2009-1 Roland Craigwell, Winston Moore and DeLisle Worrell

     "Does Consumer Price Rigidity Exist in Barbados?"
      [Download PDF File]

1.  2008-1 Roland Craigwell and Chrystol Thomas

     "Revisiting the Effect of Country Size on Taxation in Developing Countries"

      [Download PDF File]

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