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Thinking of changing your career path?
Apply to change your programme now!
Change of option forms are now available to Social Sciences students who wish to change their programme within the Faculty.

Forms can be collected from the Faculty Office or printed from the Faculty's website on the Student Resources page. All forms must be submitted to the Faculty by June 30th, 2019. Please note that any programme changes approved will take effect from academic year beginning August 2019.

What to do if you’re considering a change of option:
  1. Talk to your academic counselor.
      If there is a particular area of study that you’re interested in, talking to an  academic counselor can clarify what’s the best programme to pursue in order to meet your goals.
  1. Consider if you’re getting good grades in the courses which apply to the programme you wish to change to.
      For example if you’re interested in majoring in Economics but your grades in the  economics and statistics courses you have taken are not B average or higher you may need to reconsider your area of interest. In this instance refer to an academic counselor for further guidance.
  1. How much time will it take to complete my new programme if I change my option?
      If you wish to change from one programme to another, this is a very important question you must ask yourself. If you have progressed half-way through your current degree and wish to change to a similar programme it may be easy - for example changing from B.Sc. Political Science and Law to B.Sc. Political Science with Law is a relatively small change with a difference of only a few courses. If you are looking to graduate in a year this small change would probably allow you to still meet your goals.
      However, if you wish to change from B.Sc. Political Science and Law to B.Sc. Management with Psychology these are two completely different programmes with different course requirements. To make a programme change of this magnitude you need to consider the following:
  • Can I afford the financial expense of spending an additional year or two to complete the new programme?
  • Do I want to do this programme enough to delay my graduation date to this extent?
      Again, meeting with your academic counselor could assist you with making this decision.


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