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Faculty of Science and Technology

Welcome Message


Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) at The UWI Cave Hill Campus!
It is my great pleasure to serve as Faculty Dean and to be able to work with a team of staff who have a strong commitment to the training of a new generation of scientific professionals.
In addition to equipping our students with professional knowledge and practical skills, we aim to endow them/you with strong communication and problem-solving skills and professionalism appropriate for the workplace. Our cultivated relationships with local industry partners continue to yield professional placements which enable students pursuing any faculty major to gain real-life work experience and build a network of potential employers and industry leaders.

Our approach to scientific learning is collaborative and experiential, pillared on the understanding that answers to real-world problems require multiple perspectives, teamwork, and hands-on discovery. The Faculty consists of two academic Departments [the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences (BCS) and the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics (CMP)], a graduate research Centre [The Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES)] and an affiliate institute [The Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH)]. We offer several three-year degree programmes, B.Sc. in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ecology, Electronics, Environmental Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Meteorology, Microbiology, and Physics; and continue to offer a four-year B.Sc. Software Engineering degree. Joint programmes with the Faculty of Social Sciences (Management, Accounting and Economics) and the Faculty of Humanities and Education (Education and Psychology) also continue to attract considerable interest.

At its core, science probes the essence of things, technology benefits humankind by applying its findings, and our community of researchers – students, faculty, and staff – engage in world-class scientific inquiry, aimed at addressing issues facing not only our region but the world at large. We explore alternative sources of energy, analyse climate variability, champion marine conservation efforts, and interrogate and model the metabolic effects of non-communicable diseases in local populations to create a sustainable environment for future generations to inherit. Furthermore, our technological advancements have opened new horizons in multidisciplinary research, marrying machine learning and artificial intelligence, with health care, forensics, and education.
The Faculty has produced graduates who are contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of Barbados and the wider Caribbean region. Moreover, some of our undergraduates choose to pursue advanced studies at the Cave Hill Campus, while others successfully continue their education at global universities, confident in the fact that the fundamental knowledge acquired here will serve them well.

While at Cave Hill we also hope you complement your academic pursuits by engaging with one of the many science clubs and associations, which remain active despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to be proud of the community work of the Cave Hill Environmental Club, and the outreach and mentorship efforts of the Chemistry Society and Computer Science Society. Our newest clubs, the FST Physics Club and the Cave Hill Meteorology Society, are welcomed additions and bring with them a supportive experience grounded in a common love for these science disciplines.

So, whether you are curious about science, or are a current or former member of our community, I invite you to explore our website ( and social media pages (Facebook: uwicavehillfst and Instagram: uwicavehill_fst) to learn more about the science initiatives, programmes and activities currently being pursued in the Faculty. We are a resilient, supportive Faculty endeavouring to improve the world hand in hand through shared knowledge and innovation. Join us on this journey of discovery!

Dr. Jeanese Badenock
Dean – Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)

Faculty of Science and Technology
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