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Faculty of Science and Technology

Why Science?

Welcome to a world of innovation, creativity and imagination. In the world of science, you get the rare and wonderful opportunity to develop innovative solutions for both real world problems and tough theoretical questions, using the latest technology and scientific techniques.

Science touches every aspect of life such as agriculture, politics, law, art, music, information technology, economics, environment, social media and health, in each case, science provides solutions to difficult problems, new methodologies are developed and new careers are created both in the area being serviced and within science itself.

With Science, you develop problem solving skills, creativity, logical thinking and analytical skills. Skills that can be applied throughout life, enhancing your employability and your standard of living.
Within the Faculty, a number of initiatives have been created that support these ideals both within and outside of the classroom.

Each of these areas develops you personally and technically, enhancing your soft skills as well as your scientific and technical expertise.
The academic staff within the Faculty continue to make significant contributions to the advancement of science and technology and by extension our society.

Science is not solely work and no fun. In previous years, we held our annual NERD Day which focused on all things science with a number of fun competitions such as the Best Dressed NERD competition. Go to our social media pages for pictures from those past events.

Click here to view our video which highlights the major role Science and Technology play in our daily lives, and some of the wonderful things you can do while pursuing various careers in Science and Technology.

Our Faculty also officially launched the 1st Issue of our FST Communications Newsletter on May 27, 2021.  Our FST Communications Newsletter is the newest communication initiative of the FST.   Its main purpose is to update and engage our various internal and external stakeholders on important news and notices related to FST and STEM, and highlight the different significant contributions our Faculty have been making to the advancement of STEM locally and within the Caribbean region, through our research and outreach.  Click here to view the 1st Issue of our FST Communications Newsletter.

So welcome to the fascinating world of science and technology and prepare for one of the most exciting journeys of your life.
Faculty of Science and Technology
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