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Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences


Micaela Small  (Barbados)



Job Title: Student
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science – Biology with Environmental Science, UWI Cave Hill, 2019
Graduation Year: 2019

Pursuing my studies at UWI Cave Hill was an amazing experience, and I am glad I attended.

One thing I truly enjoyed about my studies was the ability to choose from a wide variety of courses whether it be Biology, Ecology or Biochemistry, and the opportunity to do out of faculty courses. The Biological and Chemical Sciences courses were not only educational but enjoyable because of the fieldwork aspect.

The lecturers were helpful and provided guidance when I was contemplating my next step after I finished undergrad. The career counsellor was also helpful as she guided me in the right direction and connected me with persons who would help me pursue the career I wanted.

UWI not only helped to develop my educational life, but my social life. I’ve met a few of my friends thanks to UWI. And being at UWI allowed me to interact with regional and international students, some of whom I’ve developed lifelong friendships with. One group I was a part of was the Campus Crusade for Christ, which was vital to my development at UWI and acted as a support system.

To anyone thinking about attending UWI, I would say do it! Make sure you focus on your studies but also make time to socialise, attend events, join a club and just have fun.

Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences
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