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Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences


Spencer St. John  (Barbados)



Job Title: Student
Qualifications: B.Sc. in Ecology with a minor in Biochemistry, UWI Cave Hill
Graduation Year: 2019

Let me first open by saying that going to UWI Cavehill was a very positive experience in my life. I believe it has shaped me as a person and as an aspiring scientist. When I started UWI, it was a big transition from secondary school. However, I was able to make the transition and move forward successfully through the program because of the kind assistance of my advisor and lecturers.

I believe that one of the biggest strengths of UWI is the lecturers and how open and helpful they are. Every single time I have approached a UWI lecturer with an issue, whether it be on their coursework or just for academic advice I never left without feeling like I received insight. They are always available to help and their doors are open for all students.

UWI also has connections with amazing volunteer opportunities which students can use to enhance their CV or get some professional experience in their chosen field of study. These include the Chemistry Internship, the Barbados Sea Turtle Project and many others.

My advice to incoming students would be to seek out older students and ask them about the courses so that you are never caught off guard by the content of a course. You should also meet frequently with your academic counsellor to determine the courses you want to take ahead of time. I find that many students struggle in the transition between secondary school and university and doing those two things can ease that.

Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences
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