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A Thank You Note to All Staff who Participated in our FST Student Awards Ceremony - October 28, 2022

On behalf of our FST Dean - Dr. Jeanese Badenock and our entire FST Team, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to, and acknowledge, the following persons/entities for attending, contributing to, and participating in, our recently concluded FST Student Awards Ceremony held on Friday, October 28, 2022 in LT1 of the Roy Marshall Teaching Complex:
  • The Deputy Principal - Professor Winston Moore; Campus Registrar - Mr. Rommel Carter and Campus Bursar - Ms. Lisa Alleyne; Deans and other members of Senior Administration for attending our event.
  • Deputy Deans of the Faculty – Dr. Thea Scantlebury-Manning and Dr. Peter Chami
  • Sincere thanks to the various Heads of Departments and their respective Departmental Office Team:
  • Dr. Avril Williams – Head, BCS Department and the BCS Team (especially Ms. Arianne Franklin and Ms. Toni Russell)
  • Dr. Mechelle Gittens – Head, CMP Department and the CMP Team (especially Dr. John Charlery, Ms. Wavney Weekes and Ms. Geniveve Harris)
  • Dr. David Yawson – Director, CERMES and the CERMES Team (especially Ms. Neetha Selliah and Ms. Mia Clarke)
  • Dr. David Farrell – Principal, CIMH and the CIMH Team (especially Dr. Andrea Sealy and Ms. Kathy-Ann Caesar)
  • Ms. Lisa-Ann Rollins, who worked tireless planning and coordinating the entire FST Faculty's 38th Anniversary Week of Celebrations and Activities, and all staff of the FST Faculty Office Team (especially Ms. Kay Browne, Ms. Shana Odle, Ms. Claire-Dawn Cadogan, Mr. Glendon Pile and Ms. Natasha Corbin) who ably assisted.
  • Our FST Student Representative – Mr. Wasani Martinez for his opening remarks and cooperation in bringing the event to life.
  • Mr. OsazĂ© Moraldo-Bowen - the President of the Guild of Students for attending.
  • The Office of Marketing and Communications (MARCOMMS) for assisting with promoting our FST events and providing us with photography and technical support.
  • The Campus IT Services (CITS) Team for their technical support provided.
  • Mr. David Garner (of Xquizit Photos, and also our one of our FST Technicians) for his photography assistance provided.
  • Mr. Renaldo Sargeant and the Sunrise Entertainment Team for the Live streaming of our event.
  • Our Entertainment: Ms. Melodie Simmons and Mr. Joel Brooks for sharing their talents.
  • All our FST Student Volunteers who assisted with the hosting of our event (Taton, Simone, Jasmine, Tevin, Sadie, Jonathan, Keona, Angelie, Alyssa, Tayeshanna, Charissa, Jabarry, Crisciann, Kayla, Aaliyah, Nikolai, Patra, Kayden, Brian, Kashaun, Hakeem, Pauliann and Javonne).
  • Our Head Ushers - Ms. Claire-Dawn Cadogan and Ms. Ariane Franklin for their efforts.
  • Our Guest Speaker - Ms. Kerri-Ann Bovell for sharing her experiences and reminding us of the rewards of pursuing an entrepreneurial path.
  • The Office of INPLAIS for assisting with the set up of the venue for the hosting of our event.
  • Campus Security Services
  • A Special Thank you to all our Sponsors, as follows:
  • Mr. Jason Sambrano – Managing Director, Roberts Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Sponsor of the BCS Departmental Prizes)
  • Mr. Christopher Lambert – General Manager, Armstrong Agencies Ltd. (Key Donor/Sponsor)
  • Mr. David Lewis – Managing Director, Caribbean Aerial Photography (Key Donor/Sponsor)
  • Mr. Gary Marshall (Actuarial Associate) and Ms. Lisa-Ann Norville (Donation Committee) - Royal Bank of Canada Insurance Company Ltd. - (Sponsor of BDS$380.00 towards 15 Prizes for the CMP Departmental Prizes)
  • Dr. Suresh Chatrani – Owner – OSi Computer Store (Sponsor of 10 additional donations for the CMP Departmental Prizes)
  • Our scholarship donors/sponsors:
  • Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC)/Export Barbados
  • Oran Family Trust
  • Unicomer Group (Barbados)
  • Barbados Port Inc.
  • Gildan Activewear SRL
  • Limegrove Lifestyle Centre
  • ANSA Merchant Bank Barbados Ltd.
  • A Special Thanks to all our FST Student Awardees for attending the ceremony, and Congratulations again to all our awardees on their academic achievement!
  • Many thanks to all our FST Staff and our online audience who attended our event both in person and virtually!

You all assisted us tremendously in making our event a memorable and successful one!  So, many thanks again to everyone on behalf of the entire FST Faculty Team!

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