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Faculty of Science and Technology

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FST Faculty Office Appointment Bookings
Please note that all staff, students and external visitors are now required to request an appointment booking in order to meet with the Dean and other FST Faculty Office Personnel.  To do so, please click here to access and complete the FST Faculty Office Online Appointment Request Form

Kindly note that, on the Appointment Request Form, persons are only required to provide their name, contact details, the FST Faculty Office Personnel they would like to request an appointment with, and their reason(s) for requesting the appointment. The Appointment Request Number and the other details on the form will be completed by the FST Faculty Office Personnel.  Completed forms should then be saved and emailed to the FST Faculty Office at

Within 24-48 hours receipt of persons' completed Appointment Request Form, persons will receive an email notification informing them of their scheduled appointment date and time.  Appointments can either be conducted online or face-to-face (if possible) at the FSTFaculty’s Main Office.
If persons have been given a face-to-face appointment, upon their arrival at the FST Faculty’s Main Office, persons must be wearing a face mask, and they will be asked to sanitize their hands before gaining entry to the Faculty Office.  Persons must also adhere to the 6ft. social distancing rules. 

Note also that only the person(s) listed on the completed Appointments Request Form will be allowed in the FST Faculty Office for their scheduled appointment.

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