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The Official Launch of the 2nd FST Innovation (FINO) Award Competition 2022
We are pleased to announce the Official Launch of our 2nd Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Cave Hill Innovation Award (FINO Award) Competition for 2022, as per the below flyer provided:

The FST Innovation Award (FINO Award) recognizes an outstanding, innovative and out-of-the-box project or initiative created by a student or students of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Cave Hill. The competition is open to all current FST Students and also to all recently graduated (from the 2021-2022 academic year) FST students (both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels).

Note that are our first ever FST FINO Award Competition was held during the 2020-2021 academic year, and the winners of the competition back then were Ms. Kerri-Ann Bovell (1st Place Winner of the 2020-2021 FINO Award Competition) and Mr. Damian Garnes (1st Place Winner of the Disabilities Category in the 2020-2021 FINO Award Competition). 

A prize of BDS$500.00 (in cash/vouchers) will be awarded to the winner of the FINO Award Competition. We have also created a separate category in the competition that awards innovations which focus on improving the lives of persons with disabilities. The winner of this category will be awarded BDS$300.00 (in cash/vouchers).

FST students who are interested in participating in the competition must complete the Submission Form, which is available at:

NOTE 1: A copy of the completed Submission Form must also be sent via email to and copied to In addition, submissions must be made from a valid email address. All other submissions will be rejected.

NOTE 2: All entries must be submitted by March 17, 2023 the latest.

The winner(s) of the FINO Award Competition will then be officially announced on April 21, 2023 on World Creativity and Innovation Day; and the FINO Award(s) will later be presented to the winner(s) of the FINO Award Competition at the end of April 2023.

For details on the objectives and rules of the FST FINO Award Competition, please visit the FST website at:

In light of the above, we are therefore encouraging all our FST students to participate in the competition.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!!!

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