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Faculty of Science and Technology

Faculty Prizes & Scholarships


Prizes are awarded based on your performance, are not normally applied for, and are of less value than scholarships. Scholarships, on the other hand, must be applied for at the start of the academic year, and are typically of higher financial value than prizes. 

Faculty Prizes are listed in the Faculty Handbook and include:
2 Dean’s Prizes   2 Best Students
Faculty Prize Best Level 1 Performance
The Graham Gooding Biology Prize Best Biological Sciences Student
R. L. Seale & Co. Ltd. Prize in Chemistry Best Biological Sciences/Chemistry Student
The Pfizer Ltd. Prize in Biochemistry  Best Biochemistry Student
The Louis Chinnery Prize in Ecology Best Ecology Student
The Mount Gay Distilleries Prize in Microbiology Best Microbiology Student
FST Innovation (FINO) Award  Best Innovative Student

Click here for further details on the prizes offered by the Faculty.

Scholarships must be applied for by the first week of May each academic year. These are usually only open to students already in the University. Some are open to students majoring in all disciplines, while students taking a double major where Accounting or Management is the second major will find even more scholarships available.  Click here for further details on scholarships and science fee grants available through the FST Faculty

Postgraduate students can also apply for any available scholarships through the School for Graduate Studies and Research.  Click here for further details on those scholarships.
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