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PhD. in Gender & Development

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About the Programme

Research degrees are useful mechanisms for deepening the academic discourse in this relatively new field and generating a body of scholarly and applied knowledge. More importantly the research output makes critical contributions to teaching and policy making in related fields.

What Will I Study?

This programme has been designed to:
Create a cadre of scholars and experts in GDS in the Caribbean.
Develop a body of research contributing to the larger body of Caribbean knowledge and policy making; and to feminist theorizing internationally.
Develop and promote research materials and data bases for the study of key aspects of Gender in Caribbean societies.
Foster knowledge and understanding about relations of gender within the Caribbean and beyond.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate of this programme you will be highly specialized in the field of gender and development, with a solid grasp of contemporary issues, research methods and techniques which will qualify you for the following careers:

Gender Specialist
Policy Analyst
Gender / Development Project Coordinator / Team Lead

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Postgraduate
  • Qualification: MPhil/PhD
  • Duration: N/A


Programme Details

Available courses (note that every course is NOT offered every semester) Compulsory for all students depending on their programme:
GRSM 6000 MPhil Research Seminar 1
GRSM 6001 MPhil Research Seminar 2
GEND 6700 Advanced Feminist Theory (6 credits)
GEND 6710 Issues in Caribbean Feminism and Gender Relations (3 credits)
GEND 6720 Feminist Methodology and Epistemology (4 credits)
GEND 6900 MPhil Gender Thesis
GRSM 8001 PhD Research Seminar 1
GRSM 8002 PhD Research Seminar 2
GRSM 8003 PhD Research Seminar 3
GEND 8000 PhD Gender Thesis

For information on financing options available through the university please visit the Fees, Financial Aid and Scholarships information page:

The requirement for entry into this programme is a postgraduate degree. With the exception of holders of MPhil Degrees from recognized universities, candidates are normally required to register for the MPhil Degree in the first instance and will only be upgraded to the doctoral level if progress is satisfactory and the requirements of an Upgrade Assessment Committee are met. Persons without a strong background in Gender Studies may be required to take relevant postgraduate level courses.

The following may qualify applicants for admission to the PhD degree in Gender and Development Studies:
MSc. Gender and Development (UWI)
MPhil Development Studies (Specialization, Gender and Development) UWI or equivalent
MPhil Political Science or Sociology
MSc/MPhil Gender Studies/Women’s Studies/Men’s Studies/Masculinity Studies
MA Cultural Studies
MA Heritage Studies
MA History
Any other relevant graduate field such as, but not limited to Economics, Business, Social Work, Theology, Natural Sciences

Institute for Gender & Development Studies
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